These 15 Book Covers Will Have You Excited To Read The Books

People always say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be real, we are all judging books by their covers. How could you not? It’s the first thing you see when you’re picking out your next read.

Book covers are your first introduction to the book, so in an ideal world, the cover should be some kind of snapshot of the story you’re about to delve into. I prefer book covers with some kind of scene, but if I can’t have that, then I love a classic title with a great font and background. The best book covers make the most sense after you’ve read the books. They add something to the story and vice versa.

Since I’m such a big book cover fan, I put together a list of 15 books that I’ve read or want to read solely based on the book covers. Let me know what your favorite book covers are in the comments 🙂

1 – Since You’ve Been Gone

2 – Dear Edward

You can check out my book review for Dear Edward here.

3 – Golden State

4 – If I’m Being Honest

5 – Bringing Down The Duke

6 – The Selection

7 – Well Met

8 – Where The Crawdads Sing

9 – A Woman Is No Man

10 – Long Bright River

You can check out my review for Long Bright River here.

11 – All The Bright Places

12 – Not If I Save You First

13 – The Sun Down Motel

14 – Save The Date

15 – The Silent Patient

There are many more books I wanted to add to this list, but I thought I’d keep it simple. There are a few books on this list that I’m either in the process of reading, or plan on reading: The Sun Down Motel, Save the Date, Not If I Save You First, A Woman is No Man, and All the Bright Places.

I am also currently working on book reviews for Bringing Down the Duke, Where the Crawdads Sing, and The Silent Patient, so stay tuned!

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