Addie LaRue Is the Fantasy Fix You Need

What is a person, if not the marks they leave behind?

V.E. Schwab, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Never ever ever ever ever, under any circumstances, ever, make strange deals with strange demons in the nighttime. Especially deals that involve your soul. It doesn’t matter if the demon looks like the love of your life or could be love of your life. Just say NO.

All kidding aside, this book shook me. This is the first novel I’ve read from V.E. Schwab, and I can tell you with certainty that I’ll be checking out her other books.

While this book is clearly titled The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, you will find that Addie LaRue and her story are anything but forgettable, and she is anything but invisible. While I’ve never experienced total isolation like Addie has, her experiences are more than relatable. Haven’t we all thought about how we can leave our own marks on the world?

Book Description

France, 1714: in a moment of desperation, a young woman makes a Faustian bargain to live forever and is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets.

Thus begins the extraordinary life of Addie LaRue, and a dazzling adventure that will play out across centuries and continents, across history and art, as a young woman learns how far she will go to leave her mark on the world.

But everything changes when, after nearly 300 years, Addie stumbles across a young man in a hidden bookstore and he remembers her name. 

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Why you Should Just Read The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

While this book has a somewhat slow start, once you get through the introductory chapters, you will find yourself addicted to Addie’s story.

Even as a kiddo, you can understand how Addie ends up making a deal with a demon. Addie always wants more. She wants to see more. She wants to leave her small town (in France), and not be tied down by anyone. She wants freedom. Something that women didn’t have a lot of in 1714.

Addie is a strong character. She trades her soul for immortality and a no-strings-attached existence. She ends up being cursed with an invisible life and is continuously tormented by a demon who takes on the appearance of the perfect man she’s conjured in her mind during her adolescence, Luc.

Addie goes through many traumatic experiences throughout her existence as an invisible girl. Does she cry and pout the whole time? Heck no! She makes the most out of her circumstances. She still makes connections with people, and even when they inevitably forget her, she still makes an effort to reconnect with them.

While Addie is trying to make every day count, Luc is just waiting for her to give up. I think every book needs to have a sexy bad-boy demon. I honestly can’t blame Addie for having an intimate relationship with him…when he acts and looks like the guy of her dreams, it would be easy to forget he isn’t human at all. He’s honestly one of the best-written antagonists I’ve seen in a while. You hate him, but at the same time, you don’t hate him. I kind of want a spinoff book starring Luc. I would read that.

Then we have Henry. The only man (Luc not included) to actually remember who Addie is. Henry and Addie end up sharing a lil romance together due to this stroke of luc(k). Henry is Luc’s exact opposite. First of all, he isn’t a demon, so he’s got that going for him. He’s also an adorable book-loving nerd, who just so happens to also look like her dream man (the only thing he and Luc have in common).

My favorite part about this book was how many times Schwab managed to catch me by surprise with all of her little plot twists. I’m usually good at anticipating what’s going to happen in most books, but this one actually had me guessing more than once. I can assure you that you will not get bored reading this book.

So, we’ve got a book with great characters and an awesome plot with plenty of plot twists to keep you hooked. I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to tell you to read this book. So, Just Read It already!!

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