Books I’ll Read in 2021 (Lies I Tell Myself)

I figured since it’s April that I would finally post my TBR list for 2021 because if there is one thing that I excel at, it’s procrastination.

Every year I put together a list of books that I hope to read. AKA it’s a list of books that I hope to have the motivation to read, but realistically I’ll probably end up reading a lot of books that are not on this list. Maybe I’ll surprise myself.

Enough babble! Here’s my list:

Fable by Adrienne Young

Trader. Fighter. Survivor. There is nothing I love more than a badass female lead.

Plus, if it’s good enough to be in Reese Witherspoon’s book club, then it’s good enough for me.

The Hunting Wives by May Cobb

Like the Real Housewives, but with murder, mystery, and mayhem. Also, this cover makes me want to buy some lipstick. Maybe I’ll wear lipstick whilst reading this book.

Magic Lessons by Alice Hoffman

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – especially a woman with magical abilities.

This book is the prequel to Practical Magic, which if you live under a rock, was made into a movie with Sandra Bullock and a red headed lady I don’t know the name of. I figure if I’m actually going to read Practical Magic, then I should start with prequel, right? Or is this like the Hobbit, and I should start with Practical Magic and then the prequel?

6/10/21 edit: I now know the red headed lady is Nicole Kidman

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

See above statement.

I’m a fan of any and most books that involve magic and curses.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

This book has some serious Get Out and Ghostbusters vibes.

The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen

Just your average teen girl spending her summer with her maternal grandma and cousins, trying to find where she belongs.

Winter Counts by David Heska Wanbli Weiden

There’s a drug prob on the reservation – but Virgil is on the case, especially when his younger brother is involved.

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood

The daughter of a meth dealer and one of her father’s thugs strike an unlikely friendship that blossoms into love – ah, I love love!

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

This book is 771 pages. 771 pages. I’m not even really sure why I’m putting this on my list – it’s like I’m setting myself up for failure. Everyone tells me it’s so good, so I don’t know, it could happen.

Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle

Girl’s life is falling apart, but when her great aunt dies and leaves her a house, things finally start to look up. That is, until she finds out she isn’t the only inheritor – the handsome groundskeeper has also been given this house (why???).

Not only does she have to deal with this handsome man, who of course annoys her, but she also has to fix the dumpy mansion with him *insert surprised ooo’s and aahh’s here*

Could this be love?!

Hour of the Assassin by Matthew Quirk

A spy is being framed for MUUUURDER! But did he actually do it?! I don’t believe he did, since this entire book is about him proving his innocence.

Spy thriller, here I come!

The Survivors by Jane Harper

Not gonna lie, the description of this book gives very little away on what to expect, and I kind of like that. We know a guy is returning home after being away for a very long time. We also know he made some bad choices and is now dealing with the consequences.

There could be a dead person and a missing person – I don’t believe they are the same person.

Obviously, I’m a sucker for the mystery/thriller genre, so I’mma try and read this.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

A single mother and her daughter rent a big ole house from a rich lady in the suburbs. Chaos ensues when this single mama’s mysterious past upends the ENTIRE COMMUNITY (hence the little fires everywhere).

I’m getting a lot of Big Little Lies vibes from this book and I’m here for it.

The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Dare

A young girl growing up in a rural Nigerian village longs to find her “louding voice” – speak up for herself and fighting for her dreams. Another book with amazing reviews and if there is any book that I really hope to read on this list, it’s this one.

And that just about does it. A total of 14 books that I’ll try my darnedest to read. I will of course be writing book reviews for any book that I do read, so keep an eye out for that.

What’s on your 2021 reading list – I wanna know, so tell me in the comments.

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