The Alchemy Thief Will Steal Your Heart

I’ve got a new book for you hungry hungry readers and it’s a good one (per usual).

The Alchemy Thief, by R.A. Denny, is a book that will take you by surprise in the best way possible.

I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. I was a wee bit skeptical but opted for keeping an open mind and I’m glad I did. Because WOW. Wow, R.A. Denny. You wrote a pretty awesome story, and it’s pretty obvious that you did your research.

I dare to even say that this book stole my heart.

Book Description

2019: A young woman finds a relic engraved with a mysterious symbol off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. Terrorists in Morocco steal a 17th-century book engraved with the same symbol. As the woman struggles to unravel the secrets behind the symbol, her life changes in ways she could never have imagined.

1657: Transported back in time, she meets the alchemist, John Winthrop, Jr. who is plotting to lure the greatest scientific minds to the New World. But the more she learns, the more she fears for the lives of the loved ones she left behind.

In a stunning twist of fate, a modern terrorist has traveled into the past, where he has become a Barbary Corsair. He has plans of his own. And he will stop at nothing to succeed.

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It’s a book about a book

This book centers around a book, which I low-key love. We’re taken to Morocco in 2019 where a young boy and his mother are plotting to steal a book from a museum and hand it over to the Islamic State. After craziness ensues the mom sadly detonates a suicide bomb so that her son can get away with the book in question.

The son, Ayoub, hands the book to the Islamic State not really knowing why they even want it. He does take a small bodkin hidden in the spine before handing it over. A bodkin that coincidentally transports Ayoub back in time to the year 1647. Lucky for Ayoub, he gets adopted by some pirates and adapts well to that lifestyle. The only reason he wants to go back to the modern-day is so he can gather all of the AK-47s and bring them back to the 17th century and become super powerful and dangerous. Oof.

The question of what the Islamic State will do with the book Ayoub stole is brought up throughout this twisty and turny story. We know this book contains some super secrets about a powerful weapon or weapons. I think it’s safe to say that one of those weapons is time travel.

Time-traveling fun

Then we have the lovely Experience/Peri Fuller who ends up finding a bodkin in the shallows of the ocean in Martha’s Vineyard. Can you guess? She also gets taken back in time. Except she ends up in New England/early America in the year 1657. Ten years after Ayoub. That means Ayoub is a few years older than Peri when she travels to the 17th century.

She settles in with Thomas Mayhew’s colony, who also happens to be her 7th or so great-grandfather. She has this crazy family reunion with the Mayhew family, which would be great if she wasn’t trapped in the 1600s.

A lot of the Pilgrim/Puritan/Native American history that I remember from school consists solely of the mistreatment of Native Americans and the puritans/pilgrims causing that mistreatment. It’s not a secret that early settlers of America were no bueno in a lot of ways, but where there are a-holes there are also decent people. I would consider the Mayhews to be decent people. Were they perfect? No. But they were known to be the most respectful settlers toward Native Americans in Early America.

The Wampanoag Native Americans and the Mayhew colony seemed to have a courteous relationship. Mayhew had minister children who spent a lot of time preaching the word o’ God to a lot of the Native Americans in their vicinity. In this story, you see a lot of Native Americans who do convert. You also see plenty who refuse to convert and just go about their lives with no evil or hatred coming from the Mayhew’s side.

Love is in the air

I mean so far this book kind of has it all. How could romance not be included? Our young Peri forms a strong love connection with Daniel who is Native American and a Christian convert. He also happens to be a co-writer (along with John Winthrop) of the secret weapon book that Ayoub steals for the Islamic State.

Daniel helps Peri become an apprentice for John Winthrop and that’s where she learns more about the book Winthrop is writing and the alchemy it contains. He also saves Peri’s life when some townspeople catch her on her cell phone and call her out for being a witch. Woof.

That was a real issue for ladies in the 17th century. Not the having a phone part, but being called out for being a witch.

Honestly, their relationship is adorable and I really enjoyed seeing their love blossom. Ah, love!

Just Read It

The Alchemy Thief had me saying “What?!” as I flipped through its pages, not entirely believing what I was reading. I went into this story not knowing a lot about Puritan and early American history and knowing nothing about Moroccan history. There’s nothing I love more than enjoying a good plot line and learning new things.

If you’re looking for a new fantasy book then I insist that you give this book a lil read. I think you’ll enjoy it.

And while it might seem like I discussed every aspect of this book, I really didn’t. There is so much I didn’t cover.

The book comes out July 16 (tomorrow), and you can find it on Amazon.

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