About Me


There’s something magical about reading a good book ❤

I started this site in January 2020 with zero

I just needed an outlet to express my ever-growing love for reading, and I get very animated when discussing a good book (shocker). I thought, instead of harassing my family and friends with my endless chatter, why don’t I just start a site where I can write to my heart’s content? Best decision I’ve ever made.

And I’m one of those people who will start a hobby, only to give it up a few months later because I have the attention span of a cute little squirrel. The fact that I have managed to maintain this site for three + years is miraculous. Truly, I’ve outdone myself.

No matter your reason for being here, I hope this site inspires you to read and keep reading. If it doesn’t do that then I hope it at least brings a smile to your face (if not a small giggle).

-Sarah M.

When I’m not sticking my nose in a book, or click-clacking away at my laptop writing posts, you can usually find me working at my big girl job (I’m an adult). I also enjoy traveling to fun places in Wisconsin because there is no better vacation than a staycation.


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